July 12, 2018
5 days since
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JULY 12-15


We are so excited to host the reunion this year!!!

We consider it an honor and a privilege to host the Ben Alford Family Reunion (BAFU) for the first time here in “THE SHOW ME STATE”!!  We are planning to bring FAMILY, FELLOWSHIP, FOOD AND FUN to the reunion.  We will remember the past great times and catch up on the growth and progress of the past 2 years.

This year we want to pay close attention to finding new ways to connect, be transparent, help meet the needs of others, promote understanding and welcome education and wisdom.

Our theme this year is: “BRIDGING THE GAP IN THE STL”.

Jocelyn Grinston, (organizer)
Overflow Hotel Info
Our family responded so well to the hotel bookings along with the limited amount of rooms that the Embassy Suites could release to our family block that we had to provide a nearby hotel for the overflow. We urge anyone who does not have rooms reserved at the Embassy Suites to book their rooms immediately at the hotel listed below. If you do not take advantage of this hotel you will unfortunately have to find your own hotel.
OVERFLOW HOTEL: Drury Inn Hotel St. Louis, St. Charles
380 Mulholland Drive, St. Charles, MO 636-724-5772
We DO NOT have a reunion block for this hotel.
Standard King: 7/12: $149.99, 7/13-14: $169.88, 7/15: $149.99
Standard Queen: same as King, all plus tax.

They also offer suites if that is your preference. This hotel is also pet friendly.
AMENITIES: FREE- hot breakfast, 5:30 kickback, Wi-Fi, soda and popcorn, parking.
Thanks for the fast response from the majority. We asked the hotel if any rooms open up from the other reunions for that weekend if they would allow the BAFU to have them. At that point We will post on the family website and contact the presidents of each district the opportunity to move your reservations back to the Embassy suites. The Drury Inn will cancel without charge up to 12 noon the day of your reservation.
SWEETIE PIES (SOUL FOOD RESTAURANT) 3643 Delmar Blvd, St Louis Missouri 63108 (314)-932-5364: Those that would like to go to Sweetie Pies on Friday night, please indicate on the registration sheet so we can make reservations. This restaurant tends to be very crowded and we would like to make this as smooth as possible.  Also a very important note, Sweetie Pies closes daily at 8:00 p.m.
ST. LOUIS CARDINALS GAME: There is a Cardinals vs Reds @ 7:15pm on Friday 7/13/18. Tickets range from $12- $360. All that plan on attending the game must buy your own tickets. We will not provide tickets.
The Gateway Arch Bus: is for the transportation to and from the Gateway Arch grounds on Friday, 13 July 2018. We would need an additional $13 per person. This will minimize Family Members driving in traffic and paying for parking downtown. ​
We WILL NOT have the bus for Friday night events so you must have your cars to do anything during the “Friday free night”.  We advise anyone who is flying in from out of town to rent a car.  The committee is only providing a bus to the Gateway Arch and back to the hotel.  Remember that will be an additional $13 per person.

Talent Show/Fashion Show:
This year's "Bridging the Gap" theme includes the entire family! We don't expect everyone to participate on stage, so we've created an opportunity for those who are in their seats to be apart! We're asking that you dress in costume representing the Decade/Era you were either born in OR your favorite Decade/Era! If you're participating, your talent CAN reflect this time period or you can participate by costume and remain in the audience. The top three best dressed will receive a prize for their particpation! 

Deadline is May 1st. 

Thank you,
East St. Louis committee
What is your favorite event at our Family reunion?

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Talent Show
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